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Winter Allergies

With the arrival of winter, there are several things to consider if you have allergies.  First, if you haven’t done it already, now is a good time to change the filter on your furnace.  Dust has likely accumulated in your furnace for 6 months and old filters, burdened with a large dust load, do not […]

Asthma Inhaler Instructions

There are many different types of inhaled medications these days, ranging from the old style inhalers in a pressured canister, to powders, to mists. The following instructions pertain to old style metered dose inhalers (MDI), the traditional asthma inhaler used for the past 50 years. Before you begin, a brand new MDI should be primed […]

Ragweed: Facts you need to know

Often, people in the Midwestern United States who suffer from seasonal allergies complain of symptoms in the spring and “in the fall.” However, when asked to specify what part of the fall, they usually mean late August and all of September, not late October when the leaves are on the ground. So, it is more […]

The Facts About Honey And Allergies

Eating local honey has been considered a natural way to treat one’s seasonal allergies for many years. The rationale is since local honey is made with the local pollens from the area, eating the honey on a regular basis will naturally desensitize you to those pollens. Sounds nice, but does this really work? The short […]

Don’t Blame The Cotton!

In late May to early June, we often start to see the cottonwood trees shed their seeds. White, fluffy, cotton-like material can be seen floating all over the place. Some people get itchy and sneeze right around this same time of the year. Naturally, they blame the cotton. Their symptoms must be due to cottonwood […]

Peanut allergies can be deadly. This treatment might do more harm than good, study says

Brett Molina, USA Today, 2019 Oral treatment for peanut allergies dramatically increase allergic reactions compared to avoiding the treatment altogether, a study published Thursday revealed. The study published in The Lancet pulled together results from 12 randomized, controlled trials, including more than 1,000 patients, to compare how participants fared using oral immunotherapy, a treatment where a […]