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Ragweed Season is here!

Ragweed season starts in mid-August in southwest Michigan, peaks Labor Day Weekend, and ends in late September. Those with ragweed allergy will start to notice an increase in symptoms this week. Tips for treating ragweed allergies include avoidance (eg. stay indoors, wash hair nightly), OTC antihistamines (eg. Allegra, Zyrtec), OTC allergy nasal sprays (eg. Nasacort, […]

Lucetta Retires!

Lucetta Lyford, PA-C, long time Physician’s Assistant at Park Allergy Center has retired. Her last official day was Thursday December 17, 2020. We want to thank her for all her many years of hard work and dedication to the patients at Park Allergy Center. She plans on spending most of her time with her children […]

Indoor Allergies Tend to Worsen in Autumn

As we enter the autumn season, it is important to realize that indoor allergies tend to worsen this time of year (particularly in the Midwest). As temperatures drop, people start to turn on their home heat at night, stirring up the dust that has settled in the furnace since the previous winter. Symptoms may include […]

Updated Hours

We have updated our hours for the fall! Office Hours Mon: 8:30am – 5pm [Shot Hours 8:30am – 4:25pm] Tue: 8:30am – 5pm [Shot Hours 8:30am – 4:25pm] Wed: 7:00am – 5pm [Shot Hours 7:00am – 4:25pm] Thu: 8:30am – 5pm [Shot Hours 8:30am – 4:25pm]


Ragweed Season Is Here!

For most of those in the Midwest, ragweed season is here! It actually started last week, will peak around Labor Day Weekend, and gradually decline for the rest of September. There is no detectable ragweed by the time October rolls around. Tips to decrease exposure to ragweed: Stay indoors Keep windows closed Wash your hair/bathe […]

Routine Appointments Resume

As of Monday June 1, 2020, routine appointments have resumed at Park Allergy Center. Policies regarding social distancing and facial masks remain in place. Please call if you have any questions.


Resuming Allergy Injections

All allergy injections for environmental allergies will resume on Monday May 4. New Shot Hours starting Monday May 4: 8:30am – 4pm Monday through Thursday Please review our recent policy changes regarding social distancing, screening, and required facial masks as those policies will remain in effect. The total number of patients/visitors in the building will […]


Policy Update April 6, 2020

Effective immediately, ALL patients entering Park Allergy Center, whether for an appointment, treatment, or allergy injection, will be required to wear a facial mask (cloth facial coverings acceptable). All patients are asked to bring and use their own mask as our supply is almost exhausted. Following is a link to the latest CDC recommendation regarding […]