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Here are some recommendations to help you through the spring and summer allergy season.

  1. Nasacort – nasal spray, works best if used daily, no odor
  2. Allegra – effective antihistamine, fewest side effects in the class
  3. Pataday, Pataday Extra Strength – great for allergy eyes
  4. Wash your hair every NIGHT before going to bed.
  5. Go for your walks in the evening. Pollen counts are highest in the mornings.

Ragweed season starts in mid-August in southwest Michigan, peaks Labor Day Weekend, and ends in late September. Those with ragweed allergy will start to notice an increase in symptoms this week.

Tips for treating ragweed allergies include avoidance (eg. stay indoors, wash hair nightly), OTC antihistamines (eg. Allegra, Zyrtec), OTC allergy nasal sprays (eg. Nasacort, Flonase), and allergy immunotherapy (eg. allergy shots, allergy oral drops).