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As we enter the autumn season, it is important to realize that indoor allergies tend to worsen this time of year (particularly in the Midwest). As temperatures drop, people start to turn on their home heat at night, stirring up the dust that has settled in the furnace since the previous winter. Symptoms may include increased nasal stuffiness, sinus infections, and even a flare of asthma just to name a few. If you are experiencing such symptoms right now, and especially if you have a furry pet, the source of your problem is probably not the leaves on the ground, but rather, your cute, cuddly, furry little friend inside.

Please refer to previous posts that deal with the various way to treat allergies.

We have updated our hours for the fall!

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For most of those in the Midwest, ragweed season is here! It actually started last week, will peak around Labor Day Weekend, and gradually decline for the rest of September. There is no detectable ragweed by the time October rolls around.

Tips to decrease exposure to ragweed:

Stay indoors

Keep windows closed

Wash your hair/bathe nightly

Please refer to our previous posts regarding recommendations for use of OTC allergy medications.

This link is a detailed post about ragweed previously posted last year.